Hypersonic 2 MIDI routing

My problem pertains to the MIDI routing in Hypersonic 2. This is my first time using this VSTi in a Cubase 5 project.

*I don’t want to create a seperate instance of Hypersonic 2 for each instrument, I want to use the 16 MIDI channel inherent in the software, each channel with a different instrument.

So, what’s happening is that I have opened Hypsersonic 2 in “VST Instruments,” slot 1, and I created a MIDI track when it asks me to. I also clicked the tiny arrow next to Hypersonic in the “VST Instruments” window, enabling use of 4 MIDI tracks (I think that’s what it does). The problem is that when I want to switch to another instrument on another MIDI channel, it doesn’t work - I’m not understanding the MIDI routing. Instead, it layers the second instrument with the first one. Or when I create a seperate MIDI track with a second instrument, my recorded sequence plays back with the sound of this second instrument, instead of the first, as I had originally recorded it. So, if it’s a drum part, and an electric piano is selected, the drum hits play back with electric piano notes.

Also, my recorded sequence only plays back when the RECORD and ARM TRACK buttons are on, on the first MIDI track.

I hope I’ve described my problem well enough for you to understand and offer some assistance -> this would be most appreciated. If not, I can go into further detail. Thanks for reading.