HyperThreading with Cubase 12

Now that 12 has processor management should hyper threading be switched on in the BIOS
Thanks Martin

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I never switched it off

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Hyperthreading is one of ‘those’ topics. I’ve personally never had an issue with it and I leave mine on, but I’m using a Ryzen 9 3950X cpu, so 16 cores and 32 with Hyperthreading…I’ve not come close to maxxing it out yet. Basically, I’ve never really noticed much of a difference in performance either way. I’ve heard arguements that ‘some’ software can run better without it, esp games, esp older games. I guess suck it and see.

More info here: Is Hyperthreading Worth It? (Pros, Cons).

Well i have done some tests now and the Performance in Cubase is still better with it Turned OFF :slight_smile:

I might be wrong and I need more tests in order to confirm but I reckon HT was affecting performance in my set up