Hyphen in lyrics popover

Hi folks,
I would like to desactivate this shortcut in the lyric’s popup.
I need, on contrepoint analyse, had the ability to write : “O-ct” or “P-ct” or 5- or 3 – etc. & the only way I found it’s to edit each word one by one …


Alt-hyphen. The term in Dorico is “non-breaking hyphen.”

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Thanks Dan,
the alt hyphen create a long long line not assimilable with a minus sign.
Is it possible to change his long top size by default ?

That’s very odd, and not at all what I get. What font are you using?

You can use U+2011

That looks like you’ve pressed Alt Shift - , not Alt -

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It’s still longer than the usual hyphen (en-dash, the hyphen is shorter)
U+2011 is the exact hyphen…

Tanks all,
Alt shift give me a shorter one.
I’am going to find the U+2011 or another font for test.
for the moment i have the academico as default.

Vincent, do you use a mac? If so, make sure you add the unicode keyboard in the System’s preferences, switch to this in your Lyrics popover and keep pressing alt while pressing 2011 with the other hand. The hyphen will appear, it’s in Academico (as well as any other font). Return to your original keyboard after that (it’s useful to have the keyboard switcher in the menu bar)


HI Marc I am on macbook pro with french keyboard in AZERTY, the unicode is on QWERTY

ok it’s works either with the French mapping now !
Thank you Marc

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