Hyphens at end of a system

hyphens at end of a system.png
What about 3 hyphens at end of system that are wrongly placed?
I get this more often?
A bug?

Could you attach the project in which this occurs, so I can take a look to see what might be causing it?

Thank you for the quick reply Daniel!
And is it already possible to move a system and movingf all the following staves or systems simultaneously in engrave mode?
Psalmen Datheen 1773.zip (265 KB)

Thanks for sending this in. This is a bug due to the use of open meter and lyrics, which we will fix for the forthcoming 1.1 update. I’m not sure of a good workaround, unfortunately, since I assume you don’t want to see barlines at the end of each system for good reasons.

How about writing the last lyrics + hard space (shift+alt+space) + hyphen ? Could it sort of solve this ?

Thank you!
I am eagerly waiting for the update for many reasons!
And Marc: a hard space does’nt work unfortunately;
And my second question: is it already possible to move a system and moving all the following staves or systems )also on the following pages) simultaneously in engrave mode? This is quite essential for this kind of work; (a hymn book).

If you need to move all systems on a page downwards and then do the same on following pages, I would suggest you change the positions of the music frames themselves rather than trying to move the systems within the existing music frames in a consistent fashion across multiple pages. This is exactly what the page layout engine in Dorico is designed to do, after all.

Yes, the page layout engine works alright indeed, But as you can see in my example dorico file, I want more space only between new verses etc and between the psalmes (new flows); How do I do that?

PS: I have read the “space between flows” thread now; Does that work also with space between verses?
I mean I hoped it worked like a text editor: adding more space between verses all the following text just moves down…

Marc: several hard spaces do work!

I might be misunderstanding what you need to do, then: have you already tried experimenting with the options on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options?

Hello Daniel,

what I need to do is making a hymn book: between the verses and between the new flows (new psalms) I want extra space;
Now it would be wonderful if I just could type in “10 mm” in the staff spacing between the verses and everything else would just move on (also on pages/frames) just like in a text editor;
Is that possible?

No, it’s not possible, I’m afraid. You cannot edit the distance above a system in a way that will automatically apply the same adjustment to all of the staves and systems below in the same frame.