hyphens in lyrics not centered after import

When I import a score with lyrics from Sibelius via uncompressed XML the hyphens look strange.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-22 um 00.36.24.png

Looks like the Erlkönig frightened them off to the left.
Did you check your lyrics hyphens settings?

Couldn’t reproduce it, but maybe Edit>Reset Appearance will work here too…? :slight_smile:

Are you sure they are hyphens, or “non-breaking” hyphens that are actually part of the syllable?

In Sibelius I wrote them as hyphens. Maybe the transfer changed them.

I’m afraid it looks to me like the hyphens were either incorrectly entered in Sibelius in the first place or incorrectly exported in the MusicXML file. You’ll need to edit each one in turn via the Shift+L popover, deleting the spurious space and hyphen at the end of each lyric, and then hitting hyphen to tell Dorico that the syllable needs to join to the next one.

I made a test. Wrote some lyrics in Sibelius, exported them as an uncompressed xml file and reimported them into Doric. Will keep an eye on that. Thanks for now.