Hypnotic Dance, can someone help?

Hi - I have just purchased a licence for the Hypnotic Dance plugin. I am a little confused, as when I was trying it out in demo mode a few weeks ago, I seem to recall that it appeared as an instance of my Halion Sonic SE: when I clicked the Edit tab, the unique green interface was displayed. However, there still seemed to be access to other tabs, such as mix, fx and so on. The product I now have appears as a stand-alone with only one green page displayed, offering quick controls, etc.

My question is this: how do I access deeper levels of editing? I notice from the user manual that it should be possible to edit from within Halion Sonic SE (or is it just the full product that does this?). I have found no way to access the Hypnotic Dance sound set from Halion Sonic.

So it’s all a bit confusing. If anyone can shed any light on this for me I’d much appreciate it.


The Jeep

I am using Cubase 7.0.1 on a Mac Pro. The version of Hypnotic Dance is I have Halion Sonic SE and the full product on demo.

I’m at the same boat.I can’t find the UI for editing the sounds,fx etc…just the 8 knobs can be editable.

You may already have the Hypnotic Dance presets in HALion Sonic SE, without knowing it.
Open HALion Sonic SE and then its preset window. Type “Hypnotic Dance” in the search results area. See if it finds any presets. Load any of them.

If there are no presets it can find, then do one of the following:

Either go to the media bay in Cubase, find the Hypnotic Dance folder in the location tree and make sure it’s got a check mark in the check box,
open Halion Sonic SE, go to the preset loading window and enable filters and location tree by clicking “Set up Window Layout” button. Scroll down the location tree till you find Hypnotic Dance folder. Make sure its check box is checked.