Hypnotic Dance has anyone got this ?

Hypnotic Dance has anyone got this ?
whats included, Midi loops flex phrase ?
looks good !!! :smiley:


the Hypnotic Dance VST Sound Instrument includes 300 presets for HALion Sonic and 100 presets for the included step modulator. There is also an extra Macro page for this content set for HALion Sonic. But there are no midi loops, construction kits or flexphrases included.


What will happen if I open it in HALion 4?

Can I check the synth/sample layers in great details?

Can I edit them more detailed than on the macro GUI?

You can load it to HALion 4 and mess with the Oscillators just like in HALion Sonic but you can’t see the samples…
I believe its all Synth… haven’t seen a patch with wav samples yet…

Its a nice expansion.