Hypnotic Dance step modulator

Is there a way to tell the step modulator what parameter to modulate? at the moment i can only make it modulate pitch, regardless of which preset I select from the dropdown (seems “cutoff 1” should modulate the cutoff frequency)


When you deactive the “show macro page” option you are able to edit the the modulation matrix and choose which parameter to be modulated in the step modulator.


I have no such button with Halion sonic SE, is this only available with Halion Sonic full version?

I’m with you crofter. I don’t have this option. Is it in the “options” menu within the plugin’s GUI?

I only found it in the Hypnotic dance user manual when I clicked on the ? on the macro page but I don’t have the option.

I couldn’t find assigning / changing pitch or cutoff in HALion Sonic SE
(Although it might be there somewhere)

But it’s definitely there in the full version of HALion Sonic.

See attached: macro button circled, and the step mod is available via the MATRIX button.
Set the source/modifier to the step modulator, and the destination can be pitch, cutoff or anything else you want to modulate.

I really like HALion Sonic (so much that I’ve just got HALion-4). The synth is really solid and the Hypnotic Dance set does exactly what it says, very conveniently. It certainly opens up the modulation capabilities available.

I found that you have to use automation to do those sort of effects. Cutoff, Resonance and other properties can be edited that way.

Not quite as simple as modulation but it should do what you need :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Matthias, can you ellaborate? I own a full version of Halion 4 and cannot find what you are describing.

Never mind. The step modulator can only be used via the matrix modulation settings.