Hypnotic Dance Sub Presets VST Sound Library not found [HALion Sonic]

Hi guys,

Today I got the following error when opening a project that contains an instance of HALion Sonic:

VST Sound Library “Hypnotic Dance Sub Presets” not found:

I have a license for Hypnotic Dance and the latest version is installed. The Library manager says it’s installed as well and I can see the .vstsound for it as well. But that SMT_767 pack is nowhere to be found. I scanned my whole harddrive, but nothing comes up. I also can’t find “Sub Presets” anywhere in the Download Manager or on the Steinberg Website.
All of my VST’s, Cubase and sound content seems to be up to date.

Can anyone point me in the direction where I can find this pack? Or does someone have this on their harddrives? Kinda confused here.

Thanks in advance!


Did you create the project with the old version of Hypnotic Dance? It used to be a separate plugin. Maybe the missing vstsound file refers to that.

You can try to download it from here:
Hypnotic Dance Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

No it’s the new version 1.1
Now, after installing Cubase 12, I got another couple of these. Now another set of Sub Presets can’t be found and they are not present on my harddrive.
I can’t figure out why.