Hypnotic dance vst crash

I donwloaded the 30 day trial of hypnotic dance yesterday and now whenever I open the instrument I get a elicencse message saying I have 2 hours left. i click okay to that and when I try to use the program it locks up and cubase stops responding soon after. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the vst with the same issue occuring. I also tried creating new projects, same thing. I am using cubase artist 8. Anyone having or had a similar issue with this or any other vst’s?


I have seen this. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a solution. What is happening, is that Hypnotic Dance is seeing your “24 hour All Applications” license and using that instead of the trial license.
There are some threads here that might be of help.
If you have another dongle (by chance), move the All Applications license to it. Also, try loading the programs in the Hynotic Dance standalone instrument (instead of in HALion Sonic SE).

Thanks for the quick reply J.L. I am actually using the standalone instrument when it happens. I havent tried to use it from within HALion becuase I havent figured out how to do that yet. I will check that link for a fix though. Again, appreciate the quick response.

I do not have another dongle. Any other way to get this all applications off there?

Other than purposely running it out (which the Hypnotic trial has almost done for you already :cry: ), I don’t know of anything. It is worth considering buying an extra dongle, moving that license (what remains of it…) to the spare dongle and tossing it in a drawer. Then, if you ever lose your primary dongle, you have an emergency license (only good for 2 hours now) that will run all SB software. The Zero Downtime policy is no good without a spare dongle ready to go anyway.
Again… Just something to consider…

You convinced me to get a backup. Since this seems to be the only way to fix this issue Im guessing there are other issues that will require a backup licenser. Stein should just market zero downtime as a part of the product and include 2 dongles. I would have gladly paid the extra 30 to avoid this.