Hypnotic Dance

Hi, I installed Hypnotic Dance, I have 300 Presets for Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE, but where are the MIDI-Loops
and where can I find the Constructionkits?
In Mediabay I scanned the folder, but there are only VSTpresets.

Thanks for any help,


Hi Mike,

the Hypnotic Dance VST Instrument Set is a HALion Sonic add on with an individual Macro page and lots of new presets and sounds. But there are no Midi Loops and construction kits included in this content set.


Thanks, Matthias.

I checked some of the presets, i think they sound very good. These patterns used in the demosongs are
Flexphrasepatterns and not midiloops?

Cheers, Mike

Milamu, is there anything special you did to get the sounds to show up in HALion Sonic full edition? Mine only show up in the SE edition. :cry:

you need to activate the license in the elicense control center and you need the HALion Sonic 1.5.2 update.

Oliver, thank you. That worked. :smiley: I had version 1.5.0 installed. I remember now that when I tried to install the 1.5.0 content patch a few weeks ago there was an error (hopefully because it was already installed–though the message did not say that) and did not install the 1.5.2 update because the instructions said the content patch needed to be installed first.