I accidentally installed Halion7 when I don't have the license. How do I hide the instruments?

After installing Halion7 (and a couple of other VSTs) after not realizing that I did not have the license, all of these instruments appeared. Now, 90ish percent of the instruments that are shown I am unable to use. All of the circled instruments were not there before. I usually click “all” and sort by category, however, this makes it more difficult to find the instruments that I want since most shown instruments are from Halion7. I have tried deleting Halion7 and the other VSTs that I installed by using the Steinberg Download Assistant and restarting my computer, but these did not work. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I ended up fixing it. If anyone else is in my predicament, you have to use the Steinberg Library Manager to remove everything that was added.

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