I accidentally make a Steinberg account with a wrong e-mail

I bought a Steinberg machine with a Cubase AI download sheet. I entered the website said and made an account with the wrong e-mail address and it’s not letting me make a new one saying to active to account with an e-mail I haven’t got access to.

Hi and welcome,

I expect, you didn’t activate the “wrong” MySteinberg account (because you didn’t get and answered the confirmation email). So you even didn’t enter other data, like the Soft-eLicenser number, etc. Am I right?

Then, you should be able to just create a new one MySteinberg account (and ignore the one with the wrong email address).

What exactly (and when) the message says, please?

Hi, I pretty did the much, and I am now in the same situation.

In more detail, I brought a Cubase software, went on the link to download the software. It asked me to create an account.

I accidentally typed the wrong email (as in, its not my email, its someone else’s email, someone of which I don’t know)
This took me to a page saying

“Welcome to MySteinberg
Please activate your account”

Because this isn’t my email, I simply can not activate it, but there’s nothing to allow me to retype the correct email. it just comes up with the wrong email and beneath asks me to activate it.

I closed the site, went back, its the same, I shut down my internet and back on again, its the same, I restarted my computer, its the same. There’s nothing else on the page when I click on “MySteinberg” there isn’t create new or other, or a way to change the wrong email. that’s unchangeable.

it’s Just an incorrect email and it saying please activate it, thats it every time I go on the site.

Please can someone help me to create an account


Before you return to the web site again, try deleting all the cookies etc. from your browser.