I activated bunch of trails six days ago and they are expired already!

Hello, I have a Cubase 9,5 and recently I started to get lots of scoring jobs, thus need a second WS system. So I wanted to try NUENDO 8 and bunch of other stuff like ICONICA and what not…

I had activated them six days ago but then the last job I did came back due to an unlooked-for revision and we had to deal with that intensively…

So finally yesterday I got around to dive into the trials. I fired up eLicenser Control Center and what do I see: Most of the demos were now expired!!!
Nuendo, Iconica and some others… I HAVEN’T EVEN INSTALLED THEM YET!

And today I received a mail from Steinberg asking me if I enjoyed ICONICA!

To me, this is the definition of weird! I have placed a request but I am prepared for the worst! Shame really, almost like nobody cares if they sell the stuff or not… And if anything bizarre like this had or would happen while working on a project with a deadly deadline I don’t know if I would be calm like I am now! If this doesn’t get resolved I will consider a MAC WS with ProTools and Logic even though I dislike MAC very much…

There’s probably some confusion here, since the trials are for durations in calendar days, and all for 30 or more days.

Make sure you have the latest elicenser version, and run Maintenance in it as well, then check again.

This is because Steinberg made the decision to change the way their trial versions work from 30 days of actual use to 30 consequtive calendar days.

The original method enabled busy professional users to test products as and when their schedules permitted, however the new method starts counting immediately, whether or not you find the time to test products immediately. This is, in my view, a very negative decision that in no way helps to sell software, although it is very good at annoying the users!

I understand your opinion about Trial versions but how does any of that explain the expiration in 6 days? Two separate things going on here. An opinion about the duration of Steinberg trials versus an obvious malfunction causing expiration in less than 6 days.

Yes, I have to agree with the malfunction of some sort here… Activation would be the starting point and which the products weren’t even installed yet!
And they still aren’t! By the time and if they correct the situation, I will be stripped of my precious trial days…

I have lots of complex software to make assessment rather or not making a huge investment. Thirty days are just enough!

And they are like, “Make a decision yesterday!” It took me 4 days to just download all of them. Yes! I don’t have fiber! And I haven’t even installed them yet! I mean besides Dorico Pro, everything else needed to be tried in a new system, integrated… So There is no point for me to try to say, Groove agent in action without all the other soıware since there won’t be any workflow to delve into and examine which I am trying to establish here…

So I have to agree that this is probably a system error otherwise it would be a very bad business strategy… Even for Yamaha!

The trial period starts when you activate the license in the eLicenser, not when you download, install or start Nuendo for the first time.