I added a section after writing for soloists, how to differentiate?

I started a piece originally thinking I would use a smaller string section of individual solo players.

However as the piece grew, so did my needs to bolster the string parts (classic haha!)

So I added section players thusly on my setup page:

As you can see, it’s only the violin and cello which I would like to keep for solo parts. However, it appears like this in my score:

What is the best way to make this clear, especially to differentiate the cello soloist from the section? I also have a whole NotePerformer NPPE + custom VST configuration going on and it sounds great, so ideally I’m looking for a visual solution mostly which won’t disturb my playback settings (in other words I don’t think I want to switch to a divisi staff so I can keep my current NPPE routing etc). Thank you!

Hi @wing you can set the desired players as Soloist in setup mode (right click on the blue area of the Player and choose Soloist). They will be positioned and renamed correctly on top of the string section:


Rename the Player?

Even easier than I realized haha. Perfect fix, thank you!

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