I also have no sound in Dorico SE :-(


unfortunately I do not get sound after installing Dorico SE.
Probably I just need to install something else somewhere, but don’t know where.

Have already read a lot but found no reference to remedy.
Once completely uninstalled and reinstalled I have also already (on Windows 11).

On the following screenshots you can see where I suspect the error.

  • Picture 1 Halion Sonic
  • Picture 2-4 Dorico, Picture 3 after I clicked on “e”.

Maybe someone can tell me what I have to do to get a sound output.

Many thanks in advance.

(since my English is not sufficient helps me a translation program, with help videos that is unfortunately of no use)

Translated with DeepL

01 Halion Sonic
02 Dorico VST
03 Dorico -Halion Sonic

Have you applied the HALion Studio playback template from the Play menu?

You should also see a sound device in the second box from the bottom of your lowest image above. Sometimes temporarily checking the Exclusive Control checkbox at the top of that screen will show the options below. After choosing one (and clicking OK) one can generally go back and remove the Exclusive Control check.

Did you also download and install the Dorico Sound Contents packages?

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Was this what was meant?
05 Dorico Wiedergabevorlage

I checked the Exclusive Control checkbox and pressed Ok, but the checkbox was gone again and no devices were displayed as in your example.

If this is what you meant, then I must have installed it.

Does your computer actually have a built-in sound chip? Can you normally listen to e. g. Youtube Videos?
And no, I don’t mean that electric piano package… Go to the Dorico download area. There you find the Dorico contents packages.

Yes, my sound works with all other programs. I have the same sound card as Derek, only it is not displayed to me as on Derek’s screeshot.

I looked on the Steinberg download page, but there are countless files listed, none of which seem to contain a piano. Besides, I already have the piano installed, as you can see above.

I am so at a loss.

No worries, we will get you there.

For the sounds, have a look at my screenshot:

That’s what you need.

For the driver issue, I will post soon again.

Seems like everything is ok, the way I see it.

Please do from Dorico’s menu Hilfe > Diagnosebericht erstellen (or similar) and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

And in regards to the sound device/driver, please try a different ASIO driver, namely FlexASIO. It is open software and can be downloaded here.
After installing it and restarting Dorico it shall appear in the list of ASIO drivers in the Device Setup dialog.

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Bingo, that helped. I have sound.
Thanks for the help!

You are more than welcome.
I’m sure we would also get the other driver working, it’s just a little more difficult.
But if you are happy with FlexASIO, we can leave it as it is.

In Dorico the sound works already, but in Halion there is still nothing to hear when I click on the keyboard.
But at least I can listen to my songs in Dorico now and that’s a start.