I am a little disappointed with Dorico (PRO)

I am a little disappointed with Dorico (PRO). Daniel opened up the extraordinary possibility of being able to create automations in score software (and to be able to import Expression Maps from Cubase). We are on the verge of success. BUT: it is not possible to open several automation lines at the same time. Ultimately, we should be able to return to a choice of controllers in a short list (with presets), and not to review the complete list each time it is necessary to change. This effectively cancels out technical developments. On the other hand, you cannot view the score and the reading at the same time. Other cancellation. Hopefully some developments in this chapter.

You can certainly have multiple windows open simultaneously, like this:

I realise this doesn’t help you in terms of seeing multiple automation lanes simultaneously.

Off topic, but what text font are you using in this example Leo?

Either Avenir or Avenir Next, I think - it’s an educational client’s template file.

Thanks for the windows. It’s working. I hadn’t thought about it…

For automation lines, however, this is impossible. Sad.

You can also open a new window for each automation line, but it gets complicated!

Thanks, just curious. Avenir Next Rounded actually looks a lot like the lettering templates from some hand copied scores I’ve seen.