I am a noob please help (Mic setup)

So I am very very new to music software. I have most of the basics up and running but I’ve no clue how to get my mic to be picked up by Cubase. I purchased the M-Audio Studio in a box set a couple months ago and the Mic that came with that was the Nova Black Condenser mic. I have it connected to my sound card. I’ve watched some setup videos and I’ve tried the manual but i feel like it’s a problem with how I’ve installed the Mic. It doesn’t pick up my Mic in the audio connections tab. Help would be appreciated.

do you have sounds playback setup correctly?

to set up your mic in Cubase open a project then:

Press F4 - add a mono input
then create a mono audio track in your project
in the inspector select the mono input you created earlier
arm your track by either starting to record or just press the monitor button to check your signal

Alright so I tried what you said. But the inspector is just blank. It shows the “slots” for inserts but thats it

if you have made an audio track (I know there is a pop up window in 10.5 which just select mono and press ok)
on the left side there should be like you said an option for “inserts” … but also you should get “audio01” or other files name you gave, then “track versions” “chords” “equalizers” and so on…
press on the file name.

there you should be able to rename file, solo, mute, modify volume and pan etc. under there you select your input and output for the channel

Thank you for your help!! I know that it was probably a stupid problem but thanks for helping