I am afraid of updating! Osx Mavericks.How stable is c8 64?

I had a really bad time when i updated c7 to 7.5 now i am not confortable upgrading to c8. I don’t want to spend my time looking at the new features and dealing with new bugs. What are your experiences about this?

Thank you

I think you’ll find different opinions. Several mac users have communicated bad performance and bugs. My experience with last Cubase 7 and 7.5 updates was very bad (it was so bad that I had to migrate to other DAW). But surprisingly to me, Cubase 8 runs flawless and a lot better than before versions with excellent performance :confused: . As of now I’m only testing in short projects but I’m very impressed, perhaps in the next weeks I’ll venture to a big project…and I have to change my opinion :sunglasses:

Upgrading to CB 8 on Mountain Lion was easy and without any experienced problems. To my knowledge the same goes for Mavericks. However Yosemite is far from problem free. Seems to me that Mavericks was a better product than Yosemite, but only live for a year. Of all OSX Snow Leopard seem to be the best for MAC and XP for PC (so far) when it comes to compatibility and least problems. Cannot see any real reason for moving away from them except earning money on the rapid change of OS. Well perhaps the 64 bit version of XP was not the greatest.

Aloha e,

I would say that if you are still on Mavericks, best to wait for the update
coming later this month.

Good Luck!

curteye will do that, or even wait a bit longer. Thank you

Been rock solid on 10.9.4 and 10.9.5 for me. It’s seen quite a bit of use with large mix projects too. YMMV…

Aloha guys,

Just a lil update.

Got a new laptop for xmas running 10.10.x and Cubase C8P.

Smooth as silk so far. This system has been a dream.

Had one crash but that was because I was mucking about
loading/unloading some 3rd party stuff and not paying attention.

The desktop (running Mavs 10.9.x) still has some C8 issues on start-up but
once up and running it too is very smooth.

Once I get the word from IK Multimedia that SampleTank 3 ‘officially’
works with Yosemite, I will upgrade the desktop OS to 10.10.x.

Good Luck!

thank you all for the input!