I am at 94% loading windows 11

Well ,Well, funny that you have just replied as i am at 94% loading windows 11 and the heart is pumping now wondering what lies beneath!!! aaah!!!
I will take on board what you say as my I7 6core 32gig ram computer has just crept inside the compatible list.
I hope it does not put a heavy load on my machine. I am not a computer wiz , but know enough after the years with Pentium 4 troubles.
Just restarting the computer and crossed fingers.
I will let you know how i get on.

All the best

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Hi Polyphonix

All seems well as i ran the download assistant and fixed the e-licencer.
I just tested my cc121 controller out and all functions ok…
Had a fright with my Arturia Synths being latent until i went into the studio section and found out i was not on my Focusrite driver, sigh!!

All going well at the moment. Seems be running just as good as Win 10.
Arturia , Korg collection, Fm8 ,Abysynth all run like a dream still.
People will find out that the e-licencer has to be upgraded and yes run the Download assistant as it said it was not being recognized. . Went to the steinburg site and logged in and re run it and then all was ok. Still cannot get rid of that Cortana and Microsoft edge, but thankfully they disable. Would be nice to clear them out, the same with games and stupid apps that you will never use.
Have to check all the tweaks now and then i can hopefully relax again.

The main reason that lots of people are apprehensive is that like me are frightened that your computer will start keeling over with all of the new features and slow down when further updaes are released loading up the Cpu, but amazingly the cpu on my i7 really low.
My I3, 2 core computer for the internet use and printing only regularly reaches 100% if you do not keep retuning it up ,but still that runs well for a 6 year old computer. Sadly not for Win 11
All the Best

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I have updated to Windows 11. My CC121 is working fine so far. I do suggest running Download Assistant directly after updating. If not you may get a prompt to run LCC to fix the problem.

I’ve tested Cubase on an unsupported win 11 pc and a fully supported one and haven’t seen a performance hit on either so far. All my plugins have also worked as well as ski with ic pro and jbridge.

Good luck. :sunglasses:

Good news. :sunglasses:

My main pc ssd was big enough to recover enough of it to create dual boot with win 10 and 11. So my usb licencer and usb audio interface stay plugged in to the same pc. I have now just about got to the point where I can switch to using win 11. The only reason I did it is to get in early and learn a bit about it. I would never have installed over win 10. Definitely not worth the risk.

I can confirm Windows 11 is stable and running like a dream.
I had trouble with Ilok program ,but realized my Cmos battery was dying.
Put new battery in and All running as it should .
Remember if a cmos battery is low, it can cause drivers not to load.
No need to install Win 11 over 10
Just buy a 2 Terrabyte external drive and save your System Image Win 10 setup on that.
This way is foolproof and worth £50 or so to ensure your hard work never escapes you.

All the best

You can install - No issues. I run Windows 11 since the Developer Previews - Never had an issues with Cubase. Actually some stuff worked better - Like UAD.