I am being dumb about select tool

Forgive me I must be really thick, but I’ve wasted loads of time in the manual on this and can’t find anything at all. The main select tool seems to have three different modes - a pointy arrow for normal selection and then two others, one where a clock appears and one with a rectangle. I can’t seem to control when these symbols appear, nor determine what they are supposed to represent. Can anyone enlighten me?

If I understand the question correctly, just click on the arrow above. See image.
Or right click for tool menu, hold right click and while holding, left click on the Arrow.
Object selection.jpg

Thanks! How foolish of me to look in the manual, when it’s hiding out of sight on the screen!


That is so often the case. If you’ve not yet tried it, do this. Create a simple two bar phrase, then use “Sizing applies time stretch” and then stretch that two bar phrase to a four bar phrase, or move it to one bar and hear it play double time. Lots of the most powerful editing features are done right on the project window rather than going into the deep editors. Good luck.