I am color-blind and I can't see the selected parts...

I try Nuendo before buying it in crossgrade from Cubase 9 (I think my question also applies to Cubase 9.5). Problem: I do not see the parts when they are selected…

Is there a way to change the color of the selected parts so that we can differentiate the selected parts and those that are not ?



I don’t think, this is possible. But this is definitely different in Cubase. In Nuendo, red frame is shown around the selected part. In Cubase the part becomes black when it’s selected. From my point of view, much more visible in Cubase.

I would recommend setting project area background in preferences/user interface/custom colors to a very light color to find a balance.

Maybe try activating “Event Display>Transparent Events”?

i’m not seeing that in preferences…

We’re talking about Nuendo. Nuendo kept the option for transparent events when Cubase got the current system and lost it. You might remember the uproar about that on the old blue forum. I think it was Cubase 6 where that was changed.

Nope… that was before my time. My first version was 7.5 – specifically for VST connect so I could collaborate with someone in India.

Thanks for all your answers. As the outline colour of the selected events is hard-coded red, I tried to adjust other colors without success…

It’s a very bad design, I hear you. I’ve been doing a trial of Nuendo and LOVE Edit Mode and a few others things that are so massively useful for composing, but the way objects are selected is really a drag and a major design error – it’s very, very easy to miss things, and I can imagine how almost impossible it would be if you’re color blind. :frowning:

Yes… I don’t know why they designed such an bizarre way to highlight the selected parts… I went from cubase to nuendo and I feel like losing productivity because I have to make more effort to see the events selected … bad pick …

I’m not the first to be bothered, they should clearly make a small patch to allow to configure this.


Also here for the current version of Nuendo: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=138522

and here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=275&t=138479

Please chime in there, to help encourage Steinberg to implement it as a choice/preference in Nuendo – Cubase and Nuendo are different teams.

It’s really a bad design for me, and clearly plenty of others – I find it odd that it’s been there for so long too, it’s very difficult to see the outline in many scenarios.

Thanks, done.

I started using Nuendo recently, and am shocked to learn that there’s no options for adjusting the appearance of highlighted objects. I miss seeing the highlighted region all the time, and much prefer the way highlighted regions look in cubase.

Same here. I use Cubase more and can’t believe how hard it is for me to see selected objects in Nuendo. And very surprised Steinberg wouldn’t have made an option for adjusting it.

Really, it’s more a matter of what you’re used to, not “bad design.” I can assure you that they do know about this viewpoint.

When you can’t see which parts are selected then it’s bad design.

We all work differently. And although I fully sympathise with the issue of being colourblind the Cubase selected event style is really awful.

A event that changes colour on selection is invisible in a project where colour has a meaning, where it indicates something important. In post we use colour to indicate “status” all the time.
If the event when it is selected changes or inverts that colour it totally brakes all colour based workflows.

Consider this, 200+ tracks. Colour is used to indicate track “family” and also “status”. A file processed with RX has one colour, a processed reverb another colour, a event that needs replacing or fixing gets yet another colour, a swapped out dialog gets yet another colour.

If the colour of events keep changing as they are selected (and we select,deselect,select, adjust locators, deselect all the time in post. The flickering Colors of cubase totally drives us mad.

I would no be against several modes of visibility for selected events. But changing to the cubase style is for me and my colleagues totally out of the question.