I am EastWest's Online Coordinator

Hello, I probably should have been here sooner but since I encounter Cubase users on so many other forums I did not enroll here. Also in full disclosure, I am strictly a Logic Pro user and so I know nothing about Cubase, although I have seen it in action and it is a terrific DAW.

Anyway, my purpose for being here is two-fold:

  1. To give you information EW would like you to know and to pass on information from you to EW that you think they need to know. (Please focus on being constructive and not “venting.”)

  2. When you file a support ticket and are somehow falling through the racks and not getting a response, if you email me your system specifics and a clear description of the issues, I will try to get you the help you need.

My email is: jasher@eastwestsounds.com


No, I have no involvement with that.

Welcome Jay! I am not an EW owner or user but it’s awesome to see an official representative from another company who has a lot of Cubase users here in this forum!

Sorry, no.

Hi Jake, great to hear you’re about. I am an EW user (QL, Ra and ST2). I often get crashes with Cubase (6.5) when using QL? In fact I encountered regular crashes recently on a project when using Step Input and QL? I posted the following but have not received a response from either the forum or Steinberg? Are you aware of this problem?

Hi, I have been playing about with ‘Step Input’ and it keeps crashing. It doesn’t happen all of the time but just crashes out of the blue. I’m pretty sure it’s only when I use Step Input? I have one version of EWQL with one instrument using the Play engine. I don’t have anything else running and the pc is not on line. Out of nowhere I get:

Cubase 6 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution’

Any one have any ideas?


Here is what I was told and I am not saying I know it to be accurate personally because as I said I am not a Cubase user:

There was a problem with Play in Cubase 6 that Steinberg was aware of and that needed to be fixed by their developers and indeed it was fixed in Cubase 7.

Was the problem related to Step Input specifically or did the problem occur with Play in general? Would you say then that play is now stable with Cubase 7 and above?

AFAIK, it was with Play in general. When Cubase 6 was out, 80% of the issues that came to me were with people using Play within it and since Cubase 7 there are no more than with any other DAW, so yes, I believe it is.

Ok, thanks Jay. I’m glad your about now. I’ve no doubt I’ll be in touch again.

All the best,


i hope EW would release score and playback template for Dorico just like VSL,