I am encountering short freeze problems during the project even computer CPU and Ram work fine

Hello there,

I am facing with shor freezing issues during working on a project, especially when I add VST instruments or mix plugins. For ex, I click on the edit window of a vst instrument and it just turns to a white thing and freezes for a minute or something, then it gets back to normal. This thing newly happens, and it generally happens when the track count goes up. I use Waves plugins and NI Kontakt Library, I contacted with both. I also had crashes after closing a Cubase project or during working on the project, but I found out that, it happens becouse of Waves plugins, so I got tech support from Waves, and I solved the issue. But I couldn’t fix this problem, so any advice or help is much appreciated. I also add some photos to make the issue clear.



I work on Intel Core i7 3.50 Ghz computer with 32 GB ram loaded in it. I run Win 7 64 Bit Enterprise.