I am enjoying Cubasis 3, the improvements and upgrades are brilliant

Hi, am glad to have finally made the cross over to Cubasis 3 and I am enjoying the improvements a lot, the devs have done a fantastic job of bringing cubase over to the iPad.
For me Cubasis 2 had some audio glitch/crackle issues when the project got to much, but now in Cubasis 3 it is all smooth sailing with no issues.

Cubasis 3 is a must have and I recommend it for anyone who wants a full and complete daw like desktop daw’s.
I look forward to creating more projects with it and also buying future iap’s.

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Some more instruments n effects would be awesome :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Hi @Iqmusic,

Thank you very much for the kind feedback, which I’ve shared with the team!
Gladly appreciated… :slight_smile:

Stay safe
& enjoy making music,

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Yes, some of my favorite things about Cubasis

  • Drum machine note repeat function, is brilliant
  • Synth is amazing
  • Channel strip and eq, helps shape the frequency response of the sound
  • Midi import
  • Bus sends
  • Master Channel
  • The waves bundle is the icing on the cake.
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Thanks again, Iqmusic!

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