I am first :)

So, 11 is showing up here and in the Download but not on the website?


It’ll all show up within the hour now.

Very confusing to see that parts of the page have Cubase 11 but full of issues. For instance the “What’s new in Cubase 11 (German)” refers to “What’s new in Cubase 10.5”

Thanks Ed :sunglasses:

Just saying, it is not looking well from a customer perspective. Some could pruchase c11 already and now the shop only lists 10.5 where the website links it from “Buy Cubase 11”. That’s not a well prepared launch. Wondering why it is so chaotic?

I activated the update from Cubase Pro 10 to 10.5 right now, but it shows 10.5 instead of 11 like last years when I updated it? Does Steinberg manully sends out licenses for 11 to those eligible for grace period? I just entered the code via Enter your Download access code in Download manager.

EDIT: works now as expected, little patience is needed :slight_smile:

Imho they are currently in a chaotic state…