I am having concerns about my Artist projects on my new computer.

I have finally purchased a new computer with the proper specs for using Cubase 9 Artist. I am trying to figure out how to get Cubase on this new computer. I inserted my dongle and went to the Steinberg website where I am downloading the Cubase 9 installer ( it’s taken a couple of hours at least. I hope I am doing the right process.) My concern is: how do I get my projects which I have on my old computer with this same program onto my new computer. I had the computer tech transfer all my files but I can’t find the Cubase files, which he said were on this new computer. If possible,
Help Please!

And how would anyone of the users in here know, where someone else put your files…?
If someone transferred all the files for you, you have to ask him, where he put them.
Apart from that, all OSes I know have a built in search function.

Thank you . I don’t know enough about my problem to ask a sensible question , I suppose. I have downloaded the Cubase Artist 9 to my new computer and my access dongle allows me to use Cubase. My compositions , supposedly moved to new computer , are nowhere to be found on either computer . I was hoping when I brought up Cubase, it would look the same as two weeks ago on the old computer with the same projects . I don’t know how to find them. Months of work floating around somewhere. Anyway, thanks again.