I am having to toggle the mixer outputs on startup to hear sound

I have setup a setlist in VST Live 1.4

I have most tracks assigned to groups, and then those groups sent to a bus of the Song Name that then goes to the Stereo Out.

When I re-open VST Live (after saving of course) I hear no sound other than the Layer synths, none of the audio. I have to toggle the output of the groups to Stereo Out, then back to the Song Name Group to hear them. I then save this, but on re-opening the same problem occurs.

Hi @birdmug ,

What version do u use?
VST Live 1.4.64 or
VST Live 2.0.2?

It is the trial on 1.4.64

Sorry, it is 1.4.5
Trial version download a few days ago.

Ok, quickly update to 1.4.64 from this link


Or even better buying V2 license and download v2.0.2 from the same link above :wink: (there is currently no Trial version of V2 yet)

Thank you. I am evaluating for use compared to Ableton at the moment. I really like it, I just am a little worried about some of these kinds of bugs.

Okay, first test it with 1.4.64 from the link then!

Just downloaded it and it solved the problem, thank you.

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Super! Have fun😉