I am hearing a washy white noise at the begining of a violin line (gain issue ?)

Hello, I like to use the “pre filter gain” alot to balance the volume of my tracks. The issue I have with one of my mockup is that I have a viola line played by Cinematic Studio Solo Strings. I have the pre filter gain set at +18.3 db because otherwise it’s too quiet and does not balance well with the rest of the mix. With this gain setting the loudness when soloed is around -25db on the -18dbfs scale

My issue is that the first note of each melodic line (you see 2 melodic phrases here) have a washy white noise that’s very audible. I tried bypassing all audio insert in case some analog emulation plugin is causing the noise …

Any Idea?

I don’t know the VI in question, but if there is no other plugin in the signal path, I would suspect that the noise comes from the samples and is just now audible because you boosted the volume by a lot.

Agree. But you shouldn’t really need all that boost in the first place. I’d take a closer look at the VSTi’s GUI and see if there are other places where the volume could be adjusted. A lot of string libraries have controllers for creating swells and the like.