I am Losing Pitch Corrections

I recently learned how to use pitch correction in the Sample Editor.

I have gone through two voice recordings cleaning up pitches using the pitch correction tool in the Sample Editor. At some point I lose the corrections - either when I exit Cubase, or when I exit the Sample Editor, or possibly for some other reason. I do not know for sure why they disappear and the recording reverts back to the original. So I have to do the pitch corrections over again, only to lose them again. I have done SAVE at various times while doing the pitch correction and this does not keep the corrections. Any ideas on what needs to be done?

Here is what I done so far to fix the problem? I have searched these Forums for an answer. I did not find anything. I have watched several of the pitch correction videos posted on youtube (some by Cubase staff) and they do not say anything about retaining the pitch fixes. I have tried to find patterns in Cubase - if I do this, I lose the corrections - but if this is happening, I have not been able to identify what ‘this’ is.

I am running regular Cubase - the full edition, I believe the newer versions call it Cubase Pro - and version 5. I have (long ago) updated with all available updates.

Cubase 5 is long ago for me but VariAudio edits remained. There was a problem when doing ‘backup to new folder’ - I think to remember that VA edits got lost in one of the sub-versions of Cubase 5.

Maybe trash your preferences (of course back up before) and try again. I have no better suggestion.

Thanks for the response.

“… but VariAudio edits remained” Good, so there is hope. I believe this - VariAudio - is what is in the Sample Editor. (Correct me if I am wrong. There are two ways to do pitch correction in Cubase 5. I have 5.5.3, after all updates were applied). I am doing pitch correction through the Sample Editor. I have watched videos of newer versions (as well the Cubase 5 videos) of Pitch Correct that are on youtube, by Cubase employees, and the processes are the same. There likely are some enhancements in the newer versions, but the basic processes and screen images are all the same. So when you say VariAudio, are you referring to the pitch correct editors in the Sample Editor? (I think you are.)

Second, when you say “trash your preferences”, what do you mean by this. I just went into my preferences and looked around, did not see anything specific about saving pitch corrections. Under ‘Preferences–>Editing–>Tool Modifiers–>Edit Pitch/Warp Tool’ there are some things one can change, but they have to do with shortcuts (using the Ctrl key, etc for certain functions). Nothing about saving, or retaining pitch corrections I have made.

I probably should update my Cubase, but I am happy with Cubase 5, it does everything I need, and a new version of Cubase PRO is not in the budget at this time. For all the things I do, I will need the PRO version.

I got out my Cubase Owner’s Manual - yes VariAudio is the pitch editor in the Sample Editor. So I got that question answered.

Trashing preferences is independent from the settings themselves. It happens that something gets messed up over time and some features might not work as they did etc.

Go to start menu (on windows, no idea for mac) > all programs > steinberg > cubase 5 > user settings (or similar, I have it all in german). Rename that folder by i.e. adding “_”. On the next start of Cubase it will create a new folder with init settings.

Then try and see if VariAudio data gets saved. If it does, great! The downside is that you’ve lost all your user preferences and have to adjust them again. Or copy them over from the original (now renamed) folder one by one and always re-check if VA still works as expected.

Otherwise a fresh install of Cubase could help. Or even a fresh install of the OS, plugins etc. all together.

Thanks for responding… Should have sent these thanks a long time ago.

What is time in when anyway it’s always here and always now? :partying_face: