I Am Love (Revelation Dream Mix)

This was the last track I mixed before my trusty old XP PC & Cubase 4.5 died, taking my Scope card with it.

Loving Cubase 7 & 7.5 but not quite at the stage where I’ve got my head around finishing a track mix yet, so just posted this as a “hello” and to join in with the community in this forum.
I have to say I’m missing my mixing in Scope, so I’m just getting my head around all the effects in Cubase at the moment. My pdf manual has got some very bent page corners :smiley:

This is a sort of laid back Prog House tracks. Vocals by Veela

Neil B

hello Neil welcome its a bit of a sparse community this place, not like the hustle and bustle of the main Cubase forum ,this place is a bit of a ghost town .Anyway i like your tune it gives off a nice vibe, some of the synths reminded me of early 80s sounds like Rockers Revenge Walking on Sunshine and D Train - You’re the one for me , very nice. I dont know what "Scope platform" is but im sure i`ll check it out. Good Stuff.

Scope aka Creamware, Pulsar, SOnic Core.
I had a Pulsar II “soundcard” or should I say studio. The replacement equivalent is now the Xite - see link (but I can’t afford one)

Spare communities are good - lots of places to hide :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback.
Neil B

Good production level and very solid bass end on this track…superb!!..reckon it could have developed a bit more in the tune area and was expecting Veela to break into song any moment but unfortunately it never happened but.this is prog house and I know nothing of it so maybe my critique is off the mark cause maybe it’s supposed to be like this… :blush:

but it’s great stuff… and welcome,Kevin

I think polgara meant not many people actually post music and even more not many people bother to comment or take part…he’ll correct me if I’m wrong and I usually am!! :confused:

Hi Kevin - yep, I was being a bit flippant re the sparse community thing. I did appreciate where he was coming from.

Thanks for your feedback re the track. I was quite pleased with the mix at the time.
It was my first time using vocals & I promise Veela WILL burst into song on future tracks, just for you.
In this particular track I was more interested in building and releasing by use of filters and small added tracks or sounds (I suppose this is the Prog House technique (??)). The vocals, although not an afterthought, were an embellishment.

But now that I’ve got 7.5 (remember I used 4.5 for that track), I’ve got variaudio & lots more toys to play with :slight_smile:
I’m just about ready to mix my first track in 7.5 & without my Scope card, so I’m not expecting great things for a few months in terms of production level. Need to spend more time with 7, 7.5, the manuals & tutorial videos. Oh and of course, the music needs to be okay too :slight_smile:
Enjoy your weekend.
Neil B

I look forward to your music mate…it’s quality stuff…

best, Kevin