I am new to Wavelab 9 and find it hard, can someone help?

Hi Guys,
I have used so many audio and video editing apps for years with absolutely no problems whatsoever, till I got Wavelab, I find it impossible to use.
For instance I downloaded a full album the other day (in one file), all I wanted to do is to cut it to separate all the individual songs, and export it out all as separate files, I had no idea this would be so hard, I’ve tried for two hours, and still no closer to guessing how to do it. Youtube tutorials were useless, and in the past YT has been great for Logic, Performer, Premiere, Waveburner, Final Cut, Digital Performer, Photoshop, etc, but Wavelab REALLY needs a nice way to learn how to get started on it, I mean what on earth do I do? I never thought that performing such an easy task would be so hard. I could have used any number of apps to do this job, but i paid a lot of money for this software and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to use it…
Sorry about my noobiness but its the most frustated I have ever been with any app in my life.

There are 2 possibilities to do that in WL.
If you open the audio file (album) in the audio file window - by just dropping it into the app, you can basically copy and paste your selections (individual songs) to new (empty) audiofiles. This would be the same in every other editor.

The other option is to create a Audio Montage in the correct Sampling Rate and to import (drop) your album (audio file) there.
Here you can split the file at your cursor (press S) or control click and see popup menu, then you have all single clips.
Zoom in to refine edit points.
Align the clips on after the other.
Go to CD tab, press the symbol CD Wizard. Here you can automatically create CD IDs. You can name them and render all out at once.
There is maybe a simpler way but thats how i would do it.


Audio Editor section of window–> IMPORT–> click on AUDIO CD. Place CD in tray and WL will read it. Set the preferences on how you want the software to read (very quick with possible errors, Extremely accurate but takes time (also able to read CD0Text, Metadata, ISRC’s etc - your choice). You can even have it load and auto create a playlist or new montage.

I know WL is very difficult to learn, I am jumping from WL6 to 9 and having a very difficult time of it. But having 7 other editor stations under my belt, this is by far the best for production work. For recording and editing though, Pyramix is the best hands down. You just can’t beat the Source - Destination edit function and their fade edit window (Taken from old Sonic S0lutions).

  • select File / New (Ctrl + N)
  • in the File window, select Audio Montage / Templates / Standard
  • close the File window
  • in the new Audio Montage window right-click in the empty space and select Insert Audio Files / Browse / Open File selector
  • find your audio file in the browser and open it. A corresponding clip appears in the montage
  • click in the waveform at the appropriate positions for each track of the album, each time pressing ‘S’ to split the clips
  • in the CD tool window click on the ‘CD Wizard’ button, load the ‘Create CD Markers as Clips’ factory preset and click the Apply button

And now look in the manual for instructions on how to save each clip as a separate audio file.