I am not able to hear my playback

I am new to Cubase and everything recording. It took me 2 days of reading the manuals and taking notes just to figure out how to record, and I’m not even sure what happened. I am not able to hear playback, nothing at all, and I’m currently on day 3 of trying to learn this system. Please help. A very detailed reply will probably be best.

Have you ever heard sound in cubase? Maybe you forget to switch off the monitor button on your track? Have you set up your VST-Connections (F4) correctly? You should at least have a stereo output channel, where you have allocated your physical outs (with your speakers) of your audio interface. And your audio track should be routed directly to your “stereo out” master channel.

You lost me about half way through. I don’t understand the outputs - I have no idea if they’re correct - I did what the videos showed. And I don’t understand what you’re talking about at the end.

Every (audio-) track has one output channel allocated. By default named ‘stereo out’. You can check this in the inspector.


And the yellow monitor button you’ll see in this screenshot, must be switched off.