I am not able to upgrade Cubase 8 to 8.5. Any help?

I bought my copy of Ver 7. Upgraded to 7.5 then 8 and now unable to upgrade to 8.5.
When I enter all the details for upgradation, and make payment with my credt card, it says, You are not permited to use this payment method". I tried the same card I use to upgrade my copy last time. Secondly I also tried to use all my Visa and Master cards.
I am from India (Chennai).
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot

Hi, when you open the page for Billing Address what country do see in the field Country? Do you change it?

It is India. As I am from India

Then, sorry I have no more ideas.

Finally I was able to buy

so finally, how? (i’ve got the same problem ;_:wink: