I am not paid to be the beta tester

I am not paid to be the beta tester - I want the money back!

Me too. Can’t open any of my old projects. I don’t have time to troubleshoot what I thought I had paid Steinberg to troubleshoot for me.

I will agree, it has been a long time since I have seen any update to any program that has gone as sideways as 10 pro. I am truly disappointed. Please fix or start giving back $$$.

I wouldnt mind a fix asap, like NOW.

Why not refund everybody and come back whenever the software is ready? Next Chrismas maybe???

Beta testers typically aren’t paid.

But if people were… Cubase would cost a lot more. You are paid in the savings on the price tag.

I almost moved up from 9.5 and thought I’d wait to see how bad the bugs were. I’m seeing way to many complaints like this thread and am glad I didnt waste the $150 to upgrade.

I wouldn’t consider $150 to help fund the development, improvement and guaranty it’s continual existence a ‘waste’.

People are more likely to register their discontent than their happiness on the interwebs, so it’s probably not a reliable barometer of how well the software is working.

Yep, I had a feeling 10 was going to be a dog’s dinner - gonna wait 'til they finish it.

If I open Softube, Antares or Slate Digital stuff -> crash
If I open an old proyect -> crash
If I select Windows 8 compatibility to solve these problems -> disk overloads when playing audio + eLicenser problems

If I pay for a professional DAW -> I want a profressional DAW

Try to make all the features work properly before adding new ones.


This is definitely true, but so what???

  • I’ve been working on the Cubase program since its beginning - the Atari version.
  • I use it professionally in the studio for every day use
    And now, only after buying the new [10] version I encounter SO MANY problems like never before [problems described by other this forum users - so I think it would be no use to desribe them by myself]
    But Steinberg policy - NO REACTION to such amount problems - it’s like A BIG F*CK to us :frowning:

Lack of general reaction to such a large amount of described problems - THIS THE MAIN ISSUE here.

‘Happy’ -STEVE- wrote about my “need to register my discontent than my happiness” - yes Steve - THIS IS THE PROBLEM of a guy like me who bought the upgrade, ‘wanted to be happy’ - but everyday I find crashes or other strange Cubase behaviors DURING the session with my clients. My clients don’t understand what we are talking about on this forum - they just pay me for the job done. And the most important thing - they just don’t care - they only want me to do my job on time.

So Steinnberg - I don’t care; I paid and I want at least the information - when YOU WILL DO YOUR JOB DONE and give us the fixed version!

the INFORMATION - is the KEY word

You can do two things:

  1. Dodge the complaints, think your DAW is a professional product and fool yourself.
  2. Solve the bugs and stop avoiding the more than justified complaints of your customers.

Choose your option and I’ll choose mine when you release the next update in 2019.
I am not a beta tester and I don’t pretend to be either.

I was responding to a post above mine:

I almost moved up from 9.5 and thought I’d wait to see how bad the bugs were. I’m seeing way to many complaints like this thread and am glad I didnt waste the $150 to upgrade.

Note that Steinberg employees have that bit of info displayed in their sig or profile, which I don’t, so yelling at me will not help. :wink: I’ve been using Cubase for a couple decades, and participating here for half as long… upon each release there is an outpouring of complaints from early adopters, smaller threads with folks saying how well they’re getting on with the update, a topic calling on folks to be wise and not try to do production work in the new point-zero update, till they see what it breaks in their workflow, and somebody saying what I’m saying now. It’s as predictable as gravity.

It’s perfectly fine, this is a customer forum, and people should feel ‘safe’ posting complaints, and the company should listen. And that’s what I have to say about this. :smiley:

Well… I’m installing 9.5 now

How much time is left to receive an update approximately?

to -STEVE-

As I said: INFORMATION is the KEY word.
There has never been such a flood of bugs before.
And this is the field where Steinberg failed all along the line.
So many dissatisfied customers waiting for the news about the maintenance update…
I have been running my business for 25 years - so I am aware that such behavior may lead to customer loss and company collapse. It seems to me that Steinberg does not know such obvious things…
Very disappointing.
All the more that I persuaded about 30 fellow musicians to buy Cubase.


100% Agreed. I don’t pay money to become a tester, I pay to buy working soft. Every version has come along with tons of bugs starting off version 1. Stupid as I’m still sticked with cubase - but from 15 years experience this is the worst version without any single actual upgrade, several things have been downgraded.

I have tried so hard to ignore all the bugs and many issues I faced with this upgrade but every day there are new problems…I am not going to bother going through them all again as I have mentioned them many times in various threads, suffice to say that I too have been a faithful Cubase user for decades and I feel really let down by this latest version which to be honest, should never have hit he streets without a full- FULL- F U LL! proper test with different systems. Just feels like a rush job to get it out there and get some money in.

I still work every day with it but every day new problems come up, so much so, that I will have to go back to 9.5 as my projects are starting to suffer with the bugs, crashes, and so many other issues .
Steinberg/Yamaha have really stuffed all their customers (and themselves) with this one.
Judging by the amount of issues, they really have their work cut out for them as they have unleashed a myriad of worms from more than one can. This will be no easy fix and will take months even years to sort out, so don’t hold your breath peeps.

I imagine if and when it is sorted, it will be a good software but for now, it needs to get back onto the drawing board and be re-written and ironed out as they have gone very much astray from what used to be the incredible and stable Cubase that I know and love.