I am not paid to be the beta tester

100% Agreed. I don’t pay money to become a tester, I pay to buy working soft. Every version has come along with tons of bugs starting off version 1. Stupid as I’m still sticked with cubase - but from 15 years experience this is the worst version without any single actual upgrade, several things have been downgraded.

I have tried so hard to ignore all the bugs and many issues I faced with this upgrade but every day there are new problems…I am not going to bother going through them all again as I have mentioned them many times in various threads, suffice to say that I too have been a faithful Cubase user for decades and I feel really let down by this latest version which to be honest, should never have hit he streets without a full- FULL- F U LL! proper test with different systems. Just feels like a rush job to get it out there and get some money in.

I still work every day with it but every day new problems come up, so much so, that I will have to go back to 9.5 as my projects are starting to suffer with the bugs, crashes, and so many other issues .
Steinberg/Yamaha have really stuffed all their customers (and themselves) with this one.
Judging by the amount of issues, they really have their work cut out for them as they have unleashed a myriad of worms from more than one can. This will be no easy fix and will take months even years to sort out, so don’t hold your breath peeps.

I imagine if and when it is sorted, it will be a good software but for now, it needs to get back onto the drawing board and be re-written and ironed out as they have gone very much astray from what used to be the incredible and stable Cubase that I know and love.

I got a feeling that there are like a underground movement. Been faithful to cubase for my whole career and sure there has been times where upgrades been buggy and things havnt been that smooth. But back in the days at least they tried to give information and estimates etc. Bot the last decade its been on a down spiral. Seems like a lottery to get help by support, almost like they sit and pick the ones that have fast fixes but remain silent if there are real problems.

I had big expectation before this and even if i for the first time didnt upgrade on day one, I read the post about all problems people have with the upgrade i thought i how bad can i be. So u jumped on the BETA wagon and bought it… AGAIN…

I could say, damn you never learn. Sure i can go back and continue to work with the last stable and working setup/version but thats not the problem here. The problem is when i company rely on the fan base to do the job for them. If all users didnt buy the upgrade i wonder how long Stenberg would last cause it seem pretty clear that their beta test team (if they have any other then all users), and developing team cant keep the time frame for each version. The timeline between a bug free version and the release of a new “upgrade” is becoming shorter and shorter.

There are so many things that i have suppressed because im in the cubase fan base, always talking about how good it is and so on, probably sold a 100 of them for Steinberg just by recommendations. But now im so sick and tired of this crap and it really hurts since i just bought HAlion 6 and upgraded to groove agent 5. And we all know how they work at this time.

The biggest pain is my personal work. Studio work i can always work in some other DAW to handle the situation cause there are options there. But for my personal songwriting it aint. I have hundreds of songs written over the years in cubase plus thousand short ideas. So moving to another DAW will take a lifetime to do. I take time with my songs and even if i dont sell or release all ideas it may still be useful to open up and add or remove musical ideas when they pop up in my head. And i will for sure not get coins im my pocket by doing workaround to get things working.

Im getting so damn angry when they cant even release something that is working with what people have done in the previous version. That should be mandatory and a good damn priority instead of implanting things that dont even work anyway. So im stuck, painted myself into a corner. So for the first time i really feel its time to move on and leave for something else. Its not good to get emotional if you wanna be creative and even worse if you need to a living from your music. Paying for fixing a company’s flagship is just nuts…

Patience is one thing, stupidity is another. Sure “relax, they will sort it out” is something ive seen and heard before. AGAIN, that not the point. They need to look things over or they will loose their fan base, gradually. Saying that without knowing if they have grown in new sales or not but more and more people i talk to are unhappy over how things are handled by Steinberg.

I cant support this any longer cause i cant make a living as a paying beta tester. I will go back to the last working configuration and setup. Stop by from time to time to read up on whats going on. But buying new plugins or upgrades from Steinberg will stop from now on. At least until i can see that they actually cares about their users by responding and let people know whats going on. Right now they are like a 1 hour track of silence that you hope and wonder if you will be able to hear something on.

To bad, the company that thought i would be faithful to for my whole life aint the company i learnt to love. To many hits in the face is not healthy for a good relation… well i shut up now… just had to get things of my chest… be safe all and good luck…

Isn’t it ironic how a Japanese company is a parent to a company that never feels ashamed no matter how they screw up.

I’ll be waiting for first maintenance patch before I take the plunge then…

Always the best idea!

Same here. I’m very pragmatic when it comes to these things. Big version names come with bigger changes so i give them room to adjust. 9.5 works perfect here so no need to rush at all. Next 2 updates and i’m in !

9.5 works great here too. 10 not soo much. Never had much problems until now.

Cubase 9 to 9.5 worked really well! And now with 9.5 to 10 I experience crashes when using Antares plugins… It works in Windows 8 compatibility but the experience feels clunky because of that.

I own two licenses for Cubase Pro 10, which I have basically owned and upgrade every time since version 4.x.

I spent the last few days trying to figure out what broke after Windows 10 upgrade happened. Well…I turned off Hyperthreading and now Cubase 10 Pro works fine again. I think the bugs, this time around, are stemming in the attempt to code around the cpu core limitations. At first glance, it seemed to work. Then Microsoft patch installed and now it is poo again.

Anyway, I am still a loyal customer, but I am not happy with the way things are being done. I would prefer to pay an annual maintenance fee, like i do for Waves, and then dont upgrade until it is really an upgrade. These version upgrades and buggy new features, just for Version revenue is not working, and never has. Always a slew of bugs and stuff going wrong fighting OS upgrades, etc. Nothing gets fixed and you end up with another round of bugs from the “new” bells and whistles. It is frustrating.

Looks like a too quick done version, just to get a bit cash… as ever now…
They even didn’t took the time to translate manuals…

Been using Steinberg software since 1992, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted to moving onto another DAW till now. SO MANY PROBLEMS with Cubase 10, it’s ridiculous!

I hope we dont get to pay to get a working version…

I contacted Steinberg support a week ago and no response very disappointed, I can’t use Cubase 10 too many bugs crashes sound issues I thought it was just me until I checked out this forum and see loads of people having similar issues. Steinberg sort it out ASAP and release a update so we can use the software.

I totally can relate to this, having used Cubase since v2 on Atari. What annoys me most is that Cubase 10 is superb on my computer - for the 20 minutes or so I can use it before the elicenser software decides that the elicenser doesn´t exist anymore and crashes it. Currently using a well known competitor DAW which is ok even though I very much prefer Cubase. I also miss the Steinberg instruments as well, especially Halion. I can use those for about 20 minutes in the other daw - until elicenser stops it (doesn´t crash the software though). My support ticket is 40 days and counting without a reply.

I downloaded the Trial. FWIW, why not just go back to the 9,5 version? Hopefully folks knew enough to leave your 9.5 alone? I have, and the Trial 10 (with the .0.10 update. The only issue I’m having is Auto Align is buggy…in fact just doesn’t work correctly. Support has verified this as an issue. (Mac OS 10.13.6 2018 iMac I7 4.2 gig/32 gig ram.)

Has there been a fix to Auto Align in the newest update? (0.15)??

Mac OS 10.13.6

Greetings –

The OP of this thread is asking for a refund. I don’t want a refund. I do think the company owes the licensees some kind of make-good and an affirmatively corrected version of Cubase Pro 10. What I’d really like is a corrected version of Cubase Pro 9.5, which is what Cubase Pro 10 should have been.

In other words, add what we like of Pro 10 to Pro 9.5 – it isn’t much. Take away all the Pro 10 things that 1) we don’t like, 2) don’t work. Issue an apology and then get busy with the corrections. Admitting a mistake will earn far more loyalty and respect than anything else.

I’m using Pro 9.5 (even with its “known issues.”). Pro 10, for me, has some “good ideas” wrapped up in poor, even sloppy execution. I really don’t know what I paid for. I started with Cubase Pro 8, moved to Pro 9.5 – it was getting better. I was hopeful Pro 10 would be a logical next step with important and noticeable improvements, but, sadly, that is not the case.

Favorite functions (right-click power user menu) were removed, overall functionality was reduced, the look is unattractive – less Pro looking, more hobbyist look. We’re pitched “Modern Look” and then given a GUI that looks like an early version of MS-Word. There’s no side-chain button the Rack in Pro 10 (again, it’s the little things, lots of them). Transport bar, toolbox, right click power-user menus, white menus all over the place, broken hit points, buggy instruments GUIs (you made some of my favorite instruments more difficult, if not impossible to use, you made your own Beat Designer impossible to assign notes to – white menus, channel racks on a real desk are rectangular, not Gucci bag round). Make the Racks look and work more like the best of the Yamaha or other mixing desks. Bring that kind of design into this product.

I could say more, but I won’t. Others in this thread and all around the board have said many of the same things I might have and brought up even more issues (known and unknown).

There’s nothing personal here. but I feel bad for us and I feel bad for the company. No one hits a home run every time at bat. Sometimes you strike out. Right now Pro 10 is out. I’d like to use it, I’m still trying to “give it a chance.” But, I should be loving and raving about it. I’m not. it just isn’t working for me – both functions and looks aren’t doing it for me.

I could use Pro 9.5 forever and be happy with it (even with its known issues).

I’ll pay for corrections, improvements, needed features, I won’t pay for hype.


A Disappointed Cubase Fan

I have been on Cubase since 1995. In the past there have been big changes that have involved a learning curve but you could almost always see the point. There was thought behind the developers decisions and a clear path to a more streamlined work flow.
The right click power menu is a prime example of a poor decision made for the wrong reasons. Something looking less cluttered is not a good reason to reduce productivity.
Give the users the option to customise their power menu, let us choose exactly what we see when we right click, that’s a move forward. Just removing functionality is not!
Direct offline processing is still something that doesn’t work flawlessly. If I am batch processing multiple files with once process and then processing half the files with one plugin and the other half with a different plugin it often gets confused.
If I want to do a pitch rise on a number of concurrent files with each file being a semi tone above the last I now need to set the shift for each file individually. Previously select all, set to plus one semitone and keep processing over and over again removing the first file in the series each time. Yes I could load the sample in to a sampler but if I’m just cutting a vocal and want a few steps up towards a build it is now slower.
I have defended Cubase so many times over the years, Steinberg have always been at the front of new technologies but now they seem to be making huge backwards steps.
It feels like they want to change things as an excuse to create a new upgrade or to justify their price.
I’ve asked for a refund for my recent upgrade and have been denied, if they fix the issues I would happily pay again but at the moment I am staying in 9.5 and considering moving to a different DAW. If they stay on this path C11 will be even worse.
I have recently been taken on as mix engineer for one of the biggest dance music producers out there. My work load had increased 3 fold, I need my software to work and work well.
I saw a post where someone from Steinberg said these decisions were made after talking to users, I would love to know what users. I spend 8-14 hours a day on Cubase.

Could you please give an example or link to another post about white menus? I want to make sure we are addressing the same issue. Thanks!