I am posting this again in hopes for a response

How do I output a track that was recorded in mono (24bit) to mono? When I mixdown it gives me stereo tracks. If I just copy the track that was recorded without mixdown it’s a 16 bit file?

Thank you for your help.

Hi bill28540,

Thank you for your message.

Currently, mixdown is limited to stereo.
Mono support is on our list for future updates.

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Great! Thank you for your response Sir.

please MONO on main mix I always mix in mono

I recommend to use the plugin ‚Stereo Width‘ from the FX Pack 1 in the stereobus.

Set it to:
Width 0%
Mode ‚adjust‘
Delay 0.000 ms
Low/Mid/High 0 % all

Works for me in the stereobus to check the mix in mono.
You can turn it on/off for testing very quick.

Tip: save it as My Preset ‚Mono‘

Give it a try.

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