I am really not good for the home studio ... I CAN'T DO IT

Hi everyone

I hope that i will find help, because it’s so important to me
Since 2014 i own Cubase for a musical project that i started in 1989 & stop in 1992 (for many reason)…
I still have my K7’s (4 tracks) who have been made with a tascam 644 that i do not have anymore … I also have my midi data of floppy disk 3.5 that i made on a Atari 1040 Ste … Master Track pro was the DAW.
25 years later i restart all my work with ALSO new composition from 2014-15 & everything is great, BUT :

But for me Cubase is complicated because i do not have the technical skills that you have to do all the stuff that Cubase offer !
Because of this my work advance slowly & in a bad way since 1 years in a half … it was more easy in 1989.
Yet in term of composition my work is very very good !
Where is the gentleman or the ladie who will bring to me the solution ?
I am not lazy, i work hard to understand what FXInsert mean or Fxreturn ect … i just can’t do it !
Is it ok to ask for preset where i will be able to use all of these tracks & mixing thing, EQ ect , already created to record my audio & to work my midi ?
I mean there is too much stuff in Cubase to me to see clearly where i go !
Create tracks isn’t a problem to me, it’s the technical aspect … i already done complete songs with all the tracks i need with some effects but everything is stop there …
So i download the demo Eights Good Reason from Steinberg … & i can see all the work they have done. A work that i will never be able to do !
Can i use these arrangements & tracks as prototype to start from the beginning all of my works in it ?
The sample of E.G.R is not Rock , so it’s a bit problematic you know !
Please, at 15 minutes from my home there is a Musical Professional Studio Voce Studio in Morin Heights …i spoke with the owner about the price , the price is good, but my work must be in a better shape because if not the cost will be too much for me
I understand that my demand can be too complicate & you can forget it … but there is a project who wait since 25 years to be completed : and it will be good in your ears when everything will be done IT’S A PROMISE !
If it’s possible, if some presets arrangement exist, this is my own description :
My music is Rock but nothing agressive … it is a pleasant music.
My voice is clear (acute) can reach high level
4 track for my voice
sometimes my voice can reach low level
My Guitar is crunchy
3-4 track for the guitar
the rest is midi
2 bass track
5 track for Drums
3 for synthesizer

Where can i find these presets with EQ & arrangements, tracks ect ,?
Thank you all

Wow, you need an engineer and a producer if you are not willing to take the time to learn… I was going to suggest YouTube to find tutorials that will help you learn how to do all this stuff but it doesn’t seem like you have the time or willingness to do so. Shop around for another producer, that’s your best bet. There are lots to be had. I wish you luck and success.

create an audio track and see if it plays back.

then add a stereo FX channel. Insert say Reverance into the FX Channel track as an insert

now go back to your audio track and click on send and make it blue and move slider to the right.

this might change your life if not get someone else to produce your work

I feel you. Not everybody is good at everything. Actually it’s rare to have somebody that is. Most are good at a few things but need help at some point. My advice to you is to produce as much as you can and find a cubase expert to finish the project with you. A mixer/producer.

I bet if you post that you need help and are willing to pay you will get many that are willing to do it. This is the best advice I can give you for now unless you’re willing to complete your projects and learn at the same time. :open_mouth:
Not easy. To get a pro sound you will need a pro.