I am seeking for clear answer for this - connecting multiple MCU units on Cubase Pro 11, possible?!

Currently, I am using Maschine mk1 as MCU Cubase controller,
But also am thinking of getting a motorized fader controller such as Icon Platform X+ or M+ *as an additional fader automation controller.

But… after searching about it on the forum, this setup WILL not work on Cubase Pro right…?
Since multiple MCU units cannot be connected flawlessly…?

(So, Maschine mk1 MCU template can control channels (volumes/pan/sends etc), but I would prefer to automate values with Icon Motorized faders instead <----so basically, it’s gotta be intertwined.

Also because, Icon M+ controller unit DOES not have additional MCU function keys such as,
plugins, sends, eq, F1, F2 and etc <— these function keys I wanna achieve on Maschine instead.
(For additional note for anyone interested, *With only Icon M+ and without. B+, you can only automate volume, panning… which is extremely limited. Unless I gear it up as just Midi Controller but then no motor…)

hmm… Does this all mean, that I just need ONE all-in-one solid MCU unit…?

Thanks in advance.
I really need clear answer for this for my future investment, because if this setup does not work.
Then I just need one MCU unit.

  • authentic MCU
  • Faderport 8
  • Icon Qcon G2
  • Icon M+ with Icon B+
  • Icon Nano + Icon X+

Having additional faders to my maschine MCU template would be the best and most affordable option because the Maschine MCU template is surely enough for me, I can simply assign/tweak/edit any with MCU parameter ID :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t answer your specific question, because I’ve given up on the MCU protocol. I find it not well documented and inconsistently implemented across manufacturers.

I am however using the Cubase Generic Remote with several external controllers including a Maschine Mk2.

Since the various Maschine controllers can be configured and customized as a generic midi controller with the native Instruments Controller Editor, it opens up a lot of flexibility (well beyond MCU) when combined with the Cubase Generic Remote.

However, that approach isn’t “plug and play” and requires some learning, so it isn’t for everyone.

Oh… right, right. I could actually set one of my MCU unit as just simply Cubase MIDI generic remote controller instead (though I need to map everything manually).

Oh… very good plan B!.. Yeah I heard it gets really clunkly… Cubase needs to update on this for sure.

If you’re considering the Generic Remote possibility, you may also want to have a look at another very recent thread discussing the Generic Remote critically and one post in praise of the MCU over the generic Remote (i.e. the opposite sentiment to mine). It also has a little snippet of Steinberg working on an overhaul of the Cubase Midi Remote API: Generic Remote - Come on, man

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Totally! I will look into, creating my own Generic Remote map :slight_smile: Then I would not have to worry about multiple MCU unit bugs~!

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Oh… by the way, I just tried hard to set my old Komplete Kontrol s25 mk1 as Remote Control device but… unfortunately, I cannot map this unit… I think NI implemented some kind of different protocol on this… oh well…

*Learning function just does not work with 8 knobs… does not recognize, BUT strange enough, cc14~ throught cc28 transmits MIDI data flawlessly… I just wonder why, if only when applying for Generic Remote control, Cubase setup box cannot recognize… hmmm

It works fine for my S61 Mk2 – however one needs to ensure the Komplete Kontrol acts in regular midi mode and not as a custom controller for the Komplete Kontrol software.

My keyboard has buttons allowing me to switch between “Plugin” mode and “Midi” mode. To use as Cubase Controller, it needs to be in “Midi” mode and the Generic Remote (or Quick Controls) connection in Cubase has to be to Komplete Kontrol and NOT to Komplete Kontrol DAW.

Oh… thanks so much… I was keep putting it ‘under’ Komplete Kontrol daw’ <— Midi… that was why it was not responding right… ! :slight_smile:

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Now that you have that working…

As a next step, it may be possible to add your Komplete Kontrol S series as a separate device to the Remote Devices - and that might give you the ability to configure some of the additional buttons.

And that one you do connect to Komplete Kontrol DAW.

Here’s how I’m currently using mine - so you may see a slightly different set of Buttons, but in principle it should work very similarly:

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Oh, you can even modify the keys even when connected with KK daw-1 wow… fantastic! I will definitely enjoy all keys on it then :slight_smile:

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