I am so impressed with Cubase 6

I would like to commend Steinberg on an excellent version of Cubase… Cubase 6. Let me tell you right off that I was very disillusioned when I purchased Cubase 3, and the update they promised never materialized. I was real hesitant to purchase Cubase 6 based on that failure. However, it does seem that Steinberg has listened and answered with a spectacular version of Cubase 6! I am so pleased… I DO use many of the features available, I haven’t obviously had a chance to test every feature for sure, but just in the time I have used the features I have, it has been a joy. Cubase 3 was BUG ridden and would crash every day that I used it… So far, I’ve had 1 crash after hundred’s of uses. I am the first person to complain when something doesn’t work like it should, but I am also the first to commend on a job well done… I would like to thank Steinberg for a superior product that just plain works for me!!! THANK YOU!!!

Charles Crampton

+1 on the good job with c6 but i can’t agree that sx3 was bug ridden.

ive used sx3 since it was released and never had any major issues with it (i don’t use any vsti tho ), i found it to be the most stable of the cubases but as you say c6 is bloody marvellous and still working fine here after 6 weeks !


If you have come from SX3 to Cubase 6 then it will be a quantum leap, but most of the “leap” was in Cubase 5, it is the upgrade path form C5 to C6 that is causing the trail of discontent here.

I am sure Cubase 6.1 will move on again…

The “trail of discontent” is mostly users who try to do too much and generally don’t understand the hard facts of computer life under the hood (pitchbend is not meant to be used on 15 minute slices). Some are serial moaners who have been here for yonks as their names crop up time after time. Some are the “me too” brigade who look for users with problems and state they have that too and then disappear.

You can tell the real ones because they give a decent conversation and try and give as much info as they can and they can laugh about it. And they also have the sense to contact the support team rather than faff about here doing nothing all day but moan to nobodies like us.

I’m not saying there are no bugs in C6. Just pointing out that the “trail of discontent” is not as big as some try to make it look.

hear hear.

Ya - I was just really excited to go back and fix some old recordings that never “made the cut” with the new editing features. It turns out that I just can’t use any of the new features at 96k or 48k. I also can’t go back in the past, get those guys together, and redo the sessions at 44.1k. I’m REALLY hoping that the next update will let me hit the dozen or so odd recordings with flakey drummers from years gone by.

In effect, there’s no real difference between C5 and C6 for me. I was happy with C5 - it never crashed for me, just like C6.

As for complaining - hey, I can’t spend my life on this board, I’ve got things to do. If I find a “new” bug, I check out to see if it’s been reported or not, yielding either a brief “me too” or a me too detailed description.

I’m glad that some folks are happy with C6. I’m in one or another of the discontented buckets - but not all those who moan are malcontents! :wink:

It only took about 20 minutes of playing around with Note Expression to decide that I was immensely pleased with Cubase 6. About 1 day into the trial and just ordered the upgrade.

I really hope 3rd party companies like NI, etc. invest the time to support these VST3.5 features. For now, I’m still giddy with things like per-note panning… :smiley:

Same here, I think that C 6 is the bomb!!

I came from Sonar, and man people don´t know that they´re complaining here on a very high level…
In the new release of Sonar X1 I wasn´t even able to export my finished mix, which took ages to do cause Sonar would crash like crazy…

C6 runs like a charm here and I´m a very happy camper, so I also say THANK YOU!!!