I am SO Lost!

I have updated to 11.0.30 and it’s changed so much that I don’t know where to begin.
My 1st issue is that I have opened a montage and Clips & CD for example have been moved to the Tool Windows menu. The problem is everything from Inspector down to Notes is greyed out.
I’ve checked the PDF manual, Forum and YouTube. no luck.
Please help!


Are you sure that a Montage is loaded ?
Check Workspace/Layouts in menus and select one of this…

regards S-EH

I’m not sure if I have understood your issue correctly, but :

Try opening another montage using File>.Open>Audio Montage>Browse

It might give you a message that it is an older version and will auto update it to 11.

That should fix the greyed out items you are seeing.

Just opening a wav file will do pretty much the same.

That wasn’t quite the answer, but it helped me figure it out.
Thank you !!

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