I am suddenly not hearing my pitch corrections in Variaudio

Hello folks, I am new here on the forum, but I have been using Cubase for a long time now. I have version 10.0.60. First I appologize for may bad english. So, I suddenly can not hear the feedback when I am tuning things in Variaudio. I read some threads, but nothing helps me with my problem. I am using Control room all the time. When could be the cause, that I am not able to hear the sound when I click to the part of the performance, which I need to tune? Please help, as I have much tuning to do and it is not a comfortable way tuning if you don’t know soundwise what you are doing… thank you all.
Best regards.

try to switch off the CR and listen from the main output

I switched off the CR and it worked, but I need CR, so I switched it back, and ofcourse it stopped working. Then I started to play around with “Listen settings” in CR. And then it suddenly started to work again! It is probably some kind of bug, because I set all the things back to where they were before and now it just works. :slight_smile: