I am TRYING to love my Groove Agent 4.2 BUT...

Why do I need a magnifying glass to use and edit the parameters in groove agent 4.2?
Why can’t I resize the window to full screen?
I think this is a decent implementation of a drum machine and it has many clever features…
BUT I feel constrained using it on my 29" monitor. I want to dive into it, not page around little fields of view endlessly.

Thanks I feel better now, this has been bothering me since I bought it.
And yes I like it and use it, BUT PLEASE make the window scalable.

Steinberg just seem to be stuck in the one window can’t resize window zone.


As it is based on Halion 5 which is very flexible
when it comes to window management, it has
to be possible. I wonder if there is a reason for
this limitation.


I also wish that GA4 would have scaling and dockable windows as implemented on Halion 5.

Maybe Steiny could chime in and let us know if this is possible for a future update.

+1 full screen would help greatly!
All the buttons are way to small in GA4
I find myself mis-clicking the parameters regularly



yes, steinberg, look at valhalla vst or melda vsts on how realtime vector resizing can and should be done.

All steinberg VSTi based on HALIon engine must have the windows management of HALion 5 which is perfect ! That’s the minimum we can expect… HALion Sonic… Groove Agent… The Grand… And after we gonna wait a little to have this features to other Steinberg instrument like Padshop or Retrologue…

Steinberg need to move on into the 21st century and make an interface that works better with larger monitors and multiple monitors

Agreed. Very frustrating not being able to re-size windows.

+1 As a H5 user who has just got GA4, the fixed window is the first thing that jumps out, reminding me of the years of waiting for NI VSTi’s to become scalable (and up to a short while ago were not even resizable). With high resolution monitors more attention really needs to be paid to this. Even the tutorial videos have had to be zoomed onto the GA4 window, or check out some of the YouTube reviews done as screen captures, where 90% of the screen is background and the GA4 details are not even visible, so surely this must be ringing bells with the develpers?

Groove Agent 4.2 does not show in the list of VST when I am adding a track. How do I include it in the list of VST in Cubase 8.5???

Anyone know if this issue has been resolved in Cubase 9?


Nope, still the same :frowning:

I don’t understand what issue there is here. GA is there in my list at least … using the default collection in Plugin Manager, and sorted by Category, when I go to add an Instrument Track it’s there, under “Drum”.

+1 resizable interface and no don’t want to pay for it, it should come before the big update. It’s basic thing, especially now as Q9 is going into one screen workflow.

Everything is possible. It’s software. :wink:

I would just like to understand the use case. In HALion you can scale the windows, but the knobs and sliders will stay at the same size. So I guess it’s mostly about the Sample Editor, the Pattern Editor and the MediaBay that you would like to have resizable or dockable, right?

Hi Matthias, I don’t quite have quite a 4K but rather a High DPI 34” Ultrawide, I own GA4, Halion 6 and Cubase 9 Pro, I am also getting old and my eye sight is not what it used to be, I suspect I may not be alone in that :slight_smile: The advent of High DPI monitors allowed me to move from 2 1080p monitors to a single 3440 x 1440 this had the effect of

  1. Improving my gaming 100% as I had no ugly black bar down the middle of my screens nor did I have to play with my left ear jammed up against my left monitor or vice versa

  2. Completely changing the way I used Cubase and VSTs.
    I now run Cubase windowed with space around the sides and the Mixer as a window under the main Arrange window, bringing it to the front when I need extensive mixing parameters, most of the time I just use the new lower zone as a mini mixer. As I have been using Cubase for quite some number of years I don’t really have much problem navigating the UI and find the current UI options quite extensive.

Halion is… ok, the way you can work with the windows compensates somewhat for the very small icons that are in windows like the sample editor but it’s not ideal, true vector may very well be a better option.

Groove Agent could really do with being a bit better… the arrange window needs to be independently resizable to make it truly useful but if you have Cubase it’s so easy to use the main drum editor. I wonder how much use this feature really is, although I imagine it’s a big seller to non Cubendo users who want Cubase midi editing features. So, in this case I feel a fully vectored UI would work better for me.

Retrolouge: I’m not keen on the textured grey it’s a bit 90s FrontPage website, I know its Retro but actually, it’s just dull…, Vector would be a big help as the text is a bit on the small size and a plain background please.

I have other synths like Arturia and U-He who support resizable options. Arturia’s offering, while it works, fills my limited space SSD with thousands of PNG files most of which I don’t use, I leave you to draw your own conclusion about my feeling over this. As for U-He, in common with most of Urs’s thinking, the resize is a practical, well thought out and pragmatic solution but not quite vector.

This is all IMHO but incidentally, I finally bought myself a copy of Sylenth recently (I know, where have I been) mainly down to its new Resizable GUI, winner… Then Serum got its Vector UI update (purchased it the next day) and Valhalla DSP, I already own but I’m using them all the time now…
As for R……d do I want a good Jupiter clone, I have Diva, still possibly, but with that UI, no way…… (entirely personal opinion)

With so many good quality products out there now I strongly believe the UI may become a bit of a battle ground for software vendors it would be nice to see Steinberg keeping pace with current trends.

Any one know if this has been resolved yet? Im still using a magnifying glass to use Groove Agent.
Im happy to upgrade to the latest version if it has been resolved.