I am trying to stack tracks in the editor...

Does anyone know French tutorials about Wavelab? It is quite opaque, even in the French version of the software. Example: I am trying to stack tracks in the editor. The left window to configure the thing, as shown in the manual, is not even there. Invisible. I searched everywhere.

Are you trying to make additional tracks in the montage so you can add more files in the same timeline?

You can definitely add more tracks.

Are you using WaveLab Pro, or Elements?

To add a stereo track under the one in your attachment pic:

Click the 1 button … that will give you a new menu. At the top of the options is ‘Add Stereo Track’. Click that and a new track will be added/stacked.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

Yes, that’s it. For example, voice and piano for a mix. Or editing several versions of a voice.

I have Wavelab 9.5 Pro.

Thank you. This picture comes from the manual. I do not have this button 1 (and this mini-window on the left) on my software (9.5 pro). I searched everywhere. I do not understand that the manual is silent on this point.

Wavelab has two main elements, the audio editor for editing individual audio files, and the audio montage for arranging and editing multiple audio files in a non-destructive manner. Sounds like you are using the audio editor. You need to look in the audio montage instead.

To open a new montage:
File / New / Audio Montage / Templates.
Choose a template that suits the sampling rate of your audio files.

Now you’ll see the track header as in your image above. To load audio in a montage track right-click in empty space.

Perhaps the track is ‘folded’. There is an arrow on the top left … click that and it will ‘unfold’ the track revealing the button.

If you cannot see the arrow I will have to look further. Good luck

I seem to have done that, but I’m going back. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks you sooooo much!.. Why couldn’t I find thta myself or in the manual… You nailed it in three steps…

So grateful! Thanks