I am unable to download Cubase LE after purchasing AG06 from someone


Please I need help regarding this disturbing issue. I recently purchased AG06 Yamaha interface from someone who bought it but couldn’t use due to some health challenges. She activated the Cubase but deleted and even deleted her account so that I can use download it on my PC but when I tried, I got a message that the activation code has already been used hence, it’s like my money has been wasted because I can’t do anything with the equipment without the software (CUBASE). I was advised to check with the local distributor in my country but on getting there, they couldn’t proffer any solution.

I will sincerely appreciate any advice on how to find a way around this so that the money I saved to buy this equipment will not go to waste. I am just an aspiring (beginner/novice) music producer.

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Yes, this is the normal behavior. It is not enough to delete the software and, even worse probably, the account. The license needs to be released before selling it, the previous owner needs to follow the process as described here

If the previous owner really deleted the Steinberg account it might be possible that the resale wizard will not be able to work. In that case you can either try to get help from Steinberg support or simply return the device and get your money back.