I am unable to save presets

I completed a mix and tried to save some of the VST plug-in presets as well as some eq presets and out of the blue I am no longer able to do this. I click on Save preset, the dialogue box comes up, i name it and click save , it kinda blinks and nothing happens. The Dialogue box is still there and the name that I want to save is still in the input box but nothing appears int the saved area. This happens with EQ settings in the channel edit , Waves Plug-ins, UAD2 plugins as well as Steinberg Plug-ins such as ReVerence. This happens in C7.0.1 as well as most recent version of C6.5

I have made no changes to either program or the computer itself. One day it worked the next session it didn’t. any ideas greatly appreciated as I am in the middle of two mixdown album projects.



Sometime when weird thing start happening in Cubase, initializing the prefs can sort it out?
Or maybe a rescan of the media bay?


Yep, it is some corruption in Cubase Preferences.

But this is happening in 6.5 as well as 7.0.1 Just curious why in both programs and why preferences woudl affect saving Eq presets or VST plug-in presets

OK , I copied the Cubase 6.5.4 application folder to another folder on the desktop, then deleted the original. Re-started Cubase, it reset to the defaults. Then I replaced the VstEqPreset.pxml file with the original and all my presets are there and I can now save plug-in and eq presets. When I did the same procedure in C&.0.1 and replaced the VstEqPreset.pxml file with the original form 6.5.4, the only presets that show up are the default ones for C7. So is there a different file for Eq presets I am missing? I have a vast array of all types of instruments and vocalist I have recorded that I have saved Eq presets over the years and it would suck to have to re-load each project that i wanted the preset from and re-save it in C7

When you installed V7 it probably lifted the corrupt prefs from 6.5, follow the instruction in my earlier post.

Edit, I posted this before I saw your last post!

No Problem. C6.5.4 is fine but I cannot get the EQ presets to show up in C7.0.1 even when i copy the VstEqPreset.pxml file in the Presets folder from C6.5.4 and replace the one in the Presets folder of C7 Cubase Application Data Folder