I am very happy with Cubasis 3!

The feel of Cubasis 3 on iPad and iPhone is great. There are some issues - but, they are to be sorted out.

Thanks to Steinberg for a great software. I have been using Steinberg software since 1984 and it is fantastic to follow their story and to be a - very small - part of it.



Thank you very much, Hjortur!
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


That’s good.
Lars! I’m lost again, make this easy for me pls;
Can I produce & mixdown projects & export WAVs,
all on the iPhone? No iPad, no export > PC.
Just 100% iPhone & the WAVs can be exported to where? Thanks.

Hi S_Damnit,

I’ve already replied to your similar topic.

Audio file can be exported in various ways, such as using AirDrop, iCloud Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox, AudioCopy and email.

Hope that helps.


THX, Lars, Aye, I was chasing you around w/said same Q?, so THX x3.
Cannot WAIT to get the new iPad/ iPhone & get back to work.


Thanks, S_Damnit!