I bought 2 Copies Of Cubase Elements on One Steinberg Account

I have two computers and and bought a second copy of Cubase Elements.
The eLicensers in ‘My Steinberg’ is only showing 1 eLicenser.
I have Cubase already installed on the first one.
Will the second copy that I bought work?

have you registered the second copy ?

It says the license is deprecated.

ok - that’s a different issue obviously

If you bought 2 licences then you can run cubase on 2 computers. What we probably need is any other relevant information.

I asked “have you registered the second copy” and you said “it says the licence is depreciated”

What ‘says the licence is depreciated’?

are you using sofware elicencers or hardware ?
have you elicencers on both computers ?
do any of the elicencers work ?
does the elicenser in mysteinberg show a cubase elements licence ?
Is that licence the ‘original’ one or the new one ?

we really need much more information to assist

I can only seem to reactivate the first eLicenser.
If I try to activate the second eLicenser, my steinberg account says that there is no software linked to that license. Therefore i cannot get an activation code for the 2nd eLicenser.