I bought a Used Steinberg UR22. Set up went well but?

Everything was literally fine, right up until I plugged the XLR cable into the input. For one of the two I have, the light flashed on wheb it first entered, but turned off when completely plugged in. For the other cable, the light didnt turn on at all https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/. Phantom Power was on, Driver was installed, everything was dandy. But now I can’t tell if it’s the cables or the Steinberg itself. It certainly isn’t the mic, because I plugged it into a speaker and it worked well. I’m working on a budget here so if there’s a way to figure what out of my equipment is being shit, it’d be appreciated.

Hi Ronan
I don’t understand, which light? If everything is ok, the light should be steady on without anything connected, do you mean the light goes out ehrn you plug in the microphone?
Also, it’s often good to know if you are on pc or mac, and which daw you are using.