I bought Cubase 10.5 and E licensor shows Cubase 11

Dear sir, I bought Cubase 10.5 and in my e-licensor, it shows that cubase 11. Why? when activating the code it showed that they have replaced the code with cubase 11. Can i get cubase 11 now or should i install only Cubase 10.5 in the redeemed product in Download assistant?

I don’t work for Steinberg, but I’ve been a very long time Cubase user.

So I’ll answer to the best of my understanding:

You can install and use any older version of Cubase than what the eLicenser says.

But maybe more importantly for your case: If you bought Cubase 10.5 earlier, but only activated it now, then you actually get a fully valid license for current version (in this case 11).

You mean, Only i can install full Cubase 10.5 ryt? but if i install 11 some day, the license is valid ? or what ?

yes, that’s how I think it works

Steinberg issue a licence for the latest version of Cubase when you activate you code - meaning you have cubase 11…lucky you.

The licence also allows you to run all previous version so you ‘could’ run 10.5 if you wanted to …I would just install C11 and stick with that.


If you activate a Cubase License after the release of a later version, you are automatically upgraded to the latest version.

Many people buy licenses during sales/promotions and then hold onto them until after an update/upgrade is releases, so that they can upgrade the license for free…

Means? now can i install Cubase 11 for free ? but how ? its not in my redeemed list in steinberg download manager.

Thank you sir !! Cheers

It means that you get the current version when you activate a Cubase License.

If you bought Cubase Pro 8 years ago and activated the license today, you’d get Cubase Pro 11.

Pretty simple.